Atlantic Forum Spring Conference

Atlantic Forum Spring Conference

Nothing is perfect but we just reached the perfection

The Atlantic Forum’s tradition is to celebrate the Anniversary of #NATO and this year is 72th Anniversary! So, we decided to prepare something outstanding with other young professionals assigned to Atlantic Forum. We prepared a SPECIAL three-day conference to celebrate not only NATO’s Anniversary but also the SECOND Anniversary of the Atlantic Forum foundation.

Atlantic Forum Spring Conference will be marked by high-level speakers, exceptional young professionals, inspiring panels and brainstormings, and of course, coffee breaks, fun, good vibes and networking.

It will be live-streamed on the Atlantic Forum’s Facebook and YouTube. I would like to also highlight that Atlantic Forum always gives you options and never force you to do something (I like that haha). Thus, there is also an opportunity to be an active part of this conference and participate in Q&A and networking.

You can benefit from these opportunities by signing up for a Patronship of Atlantic Forum’s “cool kids” community.

+ the patronship not only give you access to the conference but will be able to seize every opportunity that Atlantic Forum offers to young professionals and transatlantic enthusiasts in order for them to speak their voices loud and grow professionally and personally.

My big thank you goes to young professionals whom I have had a chance to meet and who participate in this unbelievable project with me, even though none of us knows yet how it will end up – but I am sure that it’s gonna be LEGEN.. wait for it.. DARY!

Btw. when I will find my superpowers after all this wonderful madness, I gonna write a brief reflection on this experience!

I got also invited as a speaker for the Counter-Terrorism panel, where I elaborated on the importance of social media


& I was also presented as moderator

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