Beyond the weather

Beyond the weather

What a brainstorming afternoon on 7 November 2021 with a panel Beyond the Weather during the Atlantic Forum Autumn Conference, which I had a chance to co-organise and moderate thanks to the Atlantic Forum! With fours speakers, Tom Middendorp, Ben Bekkering, Elisa Seith & Sofiia Shevchuk (she/her), we went through the militarisation of Climate Change to elaboration on Arctic geopolitical importance within 70’.

I am really delighted that we went to the conclusion that debate and communication inside the whole global civilisation is a significant challenge for NATO, being not only synchronisation among international organisations but also going bottom up to the civilians as well – because #StrongerTogether.

Thank you to project managers Amber ShorttKellen McCullum, Julia Balm, Willem La Tulip-TroostSolenne Cormier, Elena Denisa Petrescu & our Chair with impressive technical skills Petra Cicvarić!

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