Curriculum Vitae

Nationality: Czech 🇨🇿
Languages 🗣 CZ; SK; EN; FR; RU


Graduate with distinction from Politics of Development, proven expertise in digitalisation, and more than four years of professional experience in community management.

Work experience

Community Manager

📍Brussels / Belgium 🇧🇪

📆 28/02/2022 – ongoing

Methodological and Knowledge Sharing Support Programme (MKS) – DG INTPA


Managing Methodological and Knowledge Sharing Support for EU External Interventions (MKS) – DG INTPA. The overall objective is to provide technical support to DG INTPA to improve the quality, coherence and effectiveness of EU interventions in international development cooperation. This is achieved through increased knowledge, reinforced capacities, enhanced working methodologies and skills, targeting staff in EU HQ and Delegations.

Monitoring groups’ activities and providing day-to-day support to group administrators and users on the DG INTPA Capacity4dev platform.

IT – HTML, Agile, Kanban, JIRA, Wiki, Drupal

Users/Customer Service Support experience

Data extraction & analysis in Marketing, Communication


📍Brussels / Belgium 🇧🇪

📆 04/10/2021 – 07/03/2022

Fertilizers Europe


Participated in a business trip to Czechia and Slovakia.


Contribution to the creation of various digital visual content for website, social media and other online platforms (landing pages, promotional emails, social media cards, gifts, videos).

Production of written materials for internal and external use (reports, blog articles, editorials, brochures, newsletters, internal magazine etc).

Management and growth of social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube).

Organisation and execution of events and conferences.

Community Manager

📍The Hague / NETHERLANDS 🇳🇱

📆 01/11/2020 – ongoing

Atlantic Forum


The digital transformation of e-conference that was highlighted on the NATO official website.

Nominated by the Permanent Delegation of the Czech Republic to NATO for Disinformation training.

Campaigns: #NATOEducation; #WomenAreNATO, #ProtectOurFuture

Moderated two panels: Intelligence; Beyond the Weather.

Invited as a speaker.


Communication coordination of the Atlantic Forum’s social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) and continuous analysis of data to improve targeting and engagement.

Organising, moderating and coordinating high-level NATO-related international events, such as Atlantic Forum Spring Conference, where I was presented as a moderator, organiser and speaker.

Collection of input for social media communication (journal, newsletter).

Development of interesting infographics to convey stories and messages (Canva, digital drawing, Adobe suite).

Management of Our Views” website section and publishing the content where relevant.

Identifying special and interesting segments to engage in cooperation with other projects.

Continuous development of Atlantic Forum’s communication strategy and updating together with chapters, and other teams.

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Workers’ Group

📍Brussels / Belgium 🇧🇪

📆 16/02/2020 – 15/02/2021

European Economic and Social Committee – Secretary of the Worker’s Group


Published study Covid-19: Virtual Free Movement of Workers.


Content production of the newsletter (Covid-19 and plenary session) and press release.

Publishing articles on the website and developing of agenda for events (extraordinary meetings).

Remotely involved in certain key study groups, identifying key issues for the Workers’ Group and reporting back to the group secretariat and to the President, Oliver Röpke.

Management of official social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter) and preparation of road maps.

Attendance in the group, section and bureau meetings, and plenary sessions – taking notes, drafting minutes, and preparing speech notes.

Involvement in institutional communication (Outlook, Agora, Sysper, Member’s portal).

Assisting during the organisation of internal and external events.

Training: IT search tools at the EESC; Lifecycle of opinion; Eco-management and Audit Scheme; The role of the EESC in the EU Policy-Making Process; Social media training

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Alfamarka –

📍Prague / Czechia 🇨🇿

📆 24/01/2018 – 31/12/2020


Providing high-quality consultancy services to three growing companies in the area of food supplements, healthy lifestyle and beauty products.

Ability to think globally and promote it during the organisation of meetings and conferences.

Design and develop technical reference documentation for project work plans, guidelines, standards, procedures, and processes that meet the needs of the target audience.

Edit and develop website via WordPress and Elementor.

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Consular Section

📍London / UK 🇬🇧

📆 01/09/2019 – 13/02/2020

Embassy of the Czech Republic in London – Consular Section


Coordination of 10 people during the Velvet Freedom Ball for more than 500 high-level guests.

Successfully organised Velvet Freedom Ball.

Invited by the Ambassador to private events.

Managed whole archive logistic.


Administrative activity in the consular service and protectiontranslation of documents, graphic creation of information leaflets, updating Embassy’s website.

Participation in the consular agenda of issuing a passport, ID cards, and birth certificates.

Communication with British authorities (oral and written), support of Czech citizens in need and involvement in solving specific cases (lost passport, homeless and legal issues).

Involved in higher politics in London during the Brexit period – preparation of databases to develop a strategic plan during the emergency period before Brexit.

Graphic creation of information leaflets and updating the Embassy’s website.

Translation of documents from Czech and Slovak to the English language.

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Political Communication

📍London / UK 🇬🇧

📆 01/02/2019 – 01/08/2019

Afghan and Central Asian Association – Queen’s Awarded NGO


Successfully organized Refugee Week Festival for 4000+ participants.

Discussed policy issues in House of Commons and Kings College.

Published a study on Afghan Diaspora in the Digital Age.

Coordinated a language beginner class of 20 students in age between 5 and 80 years old.


Communication on a bilateral level with the UK and Afghan government.

Teaching English to refugees (ESOL) and provide them with legal aid.

Organise events (conferences in the House of Commons, Refugee Summer Festival and targeted speeches delivered by MPs at London universities).

Development of the ACAA’s media presence in established British news outlets (BBC, the Guardian), writing influential press releases and articles and updating the ACAA’s website.

Certificate: Safeguarding Everyone – Protecting Children People and Adults at Risk V6

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RH100 Panellist

📍London / UK 🇬🇧

📆 13/11/2018 – 12/03/2019

Royal Holloway, University of London

A large policy-making focus group that has supported the university’s well-being and services.


Reinforced digital technologies to be used for lectures (prior to the pandemic).

Encouraged usage of Artificial Intelligence for mock interviews in Career and Employability resources.

Suggested a streamlining of key information and services in an app by which students can make appointments, payments, search for events, etc.

Improved functionality of e-learning platform(s) such as Moodle.

Enhanced online-based Wellbeing services (e.g. therapy chatbots).

Recommended investing in the development of digital skills for both students and staff.


Communication and engagement with students across campus, gathering feedback from peers and discussing views at the panel meeting.

Executed strategies and marketing ideas to better educate and motivate students.

Supervise a small student’s group and navigate them to deliver efficient output.

Building team liaison to deliver efficient results at the end of each compulsory meeting.

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Customer Service Representative

📍Seattle / USA 🇺🇸

📆 22/06/2018 – 18/09/2018

The biggest souvenir shop Seattle Shirt Company in Seattle.


First job outside the EU.


The inclusion of leadership and marketing expertise in the purchasing of the product.

Establish, develop, and maintain positive business and customer relationships.

Present, promote, and sell products using solid arguments to existing and prospective customers. Proficiency with customer call flow and handling customer objections.

Collaboration as a team member and coordination of the client experience.

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Customer satisfaction

📍Ayia Napa / Cyprus 🇨🇾

📆 01/08/2017 – 30/09/2017

Supervised 10 people from multicultural community (e.g. France, Poland, England, and Germany) under the pressure with team leader spirit

Take responsibility for the team

Responsibility for meeting the appearance standards at their place of work.

Quality control

📍London / UK 🇬🇧

📆 01/08/2016 – 30/09/2016

Supervised 10 people from multicultural community (e.g. France, Poland, England, and Germany) under the pressure with team leader spirit

Take responsibility for the team

Responsibility for meeting the appearance standards at their place of work.

Business development

📍Torre Vado / Italy 🇮🇹​

📆 01/08/2015 – 30/09/2015

Providing customer service in Italian and English

Team building in a new cultural environment

Multi-tasking various front-of-the-house duties IOS ordering software

Performance in a fast-paced environment

Identified opportunities for business growth and optimisation of marketing strategies

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Founder & Marketing Assistant

📍Prague / Czechia 🇨🇿​

📆 06/10/2014 – 01/12/2015

This initiative was created to promote students’ theoretical knowledge about tourism into practice in the High School of Tourism ARCUS s.r.o. The targeted groups of people were kindergartens and primary schools.


Transferred the education in high school on another level – from theory to practice

Being employed by my own high school.

Delivered guided trips to France; Spain, Ireland, and Wales.

Guide in the Russian language in Prague.


The duties vary from the foundation of the company in the Czech Republic through management strategy to primary task – marketing coordination.

Administration skills and manage business correspondence, such as filing, sorting, and general organizational skills.

Promotion of the company – putting together estimates and budgets for marketing campaigns, submitting them for approval, being involved in negotiations, preparing sales and advertising contracts, and reviewing advertising material.

Accountancy/Bookkeeping – recording transactions such as income and outgoings, and posting them to various accounts.

Developing itinerary for client’s school trips – undertaking research and planning tours, preparing and giving presentations, organising and leading excursions, problem-solving skill.

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Education & Training

Executive diploma in the art of diplomacy

📍Warsaw / Poland 🇵🇱​

📆 01/12/2020 – 01/12/2021

European Academic of Diplomacy

Field of study: International Organisations

A top-tier postgraduate diplomatic Program, which empowers a new generation of global leaders, through an innovative year-long training experience.

Interaction with leaders from over 40 countries – speaking with prominent political and diplomatic figures.

Modules: Global Governance; UN Security System; EU, the decision-making process and EU foreign policy; UN and conflict resolution; International Institutions in Country Democratization Process; NATO and the European Security Architecture; Ethics in International Politics; International Humanitarian Aid and Advancing Human Protection; Working for International Organisations; Understanding Macro-Actors.

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AI Certificate


📆 21/03/2020 – 21/04/2020


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Algorithm, IBM Watson, Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, GAN, cognitive computing, machine learning (supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning), deep learning, neutral networks, natural language processing and IBM’s Adversarial Robustness Toolbox.

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(MA) Master’s degree

📍London / UK 🇬🇧

📆 24/09/2019 – 23/09/2020

Master of Arts at the Royal Holloway, University of London

Field of Study: (Distinction) Politics of Development

Dissertation: Afghan Diaspora in the Digital Age a Grounded Theory

Relevant Modules: European Union Politics (Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the EU – Jean Monnet Chair); Internet and New Media Politics; Political Economy of Development; International Policy Practice; Quantitative Research in Politics and IR; Development Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Communication skills: organisation of discussions with senior politicians in the UK.

Certificates: Passport Award (Volunteering 35 hours, extra-curricula classes, training); Introduction to Virtual Reality.

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(Bc) Bachelor’s degree

📍Prague / Czechia 🇨🇿​

📆 05/10/2015 – 19/06/2018

Metropolitan University Prague

Field of Study: (English Programme) International Relations and European Studies

Grade: 2.1

Interests: Cyber-Terrorism; European Counter-Terrorism; Terrorism in the Modern Age.

Modules: European Economic Integration; Institutions and Decision Making in the EU; EU Common Foreign and Security Policy; Political Science; Central and Eastern Political Systems; Development of European Cooperation and Integration; The Czech Republic and the EU; Internal Security of the EU; International Relations; European, Constitutional and International law; World Economic Systems; International Organisations; The Art of Rhetoric; Psychology; Philosophy; Global Issues; Sociology; Leadership; Diplomacy; French and English language.

Erasmus+ International BURCH University

📍Sarajevo / Bosnia and Herzegovina 🇧🇦​

📆 05/10/2015 – 19/06/2018

The first international student who went for an exchange program to Sarajevo.

Field of Study: International Relations and European Studies

Modules: Contemporary Political Thought/Philosophy; Diplomacy: Principles and Practice; Leadership; Great Power Politics; Political Geography and Geopolitics.

Certificate: The Anthropology of Politics – the Nature of Leader and the Culture of Legitimacy (co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the EU).

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Interests: Digitalisation (innovation, social justice, a just transition, social impact, virtual work environment, politics of digitalisation, digital EU, digital refugee).

Digital Skills: Microsoft office (WordExcel Powerpoint Outlook), AGORA, SYSPER, Social Media, Web Design (WordPress, Wix), IBM SPSS – IBM Analytics, MAXQDA,, Google Analytics, Digital drawing, Video Conferencing (Zoom Skype Google Hangout), Communication Softwares (Skype, Viber, Telegram, Messenger, etc.), Operating system Apple and Microsoft, Email Marketing (Mailchimp, eSputnik), Unity 2D/3D, Knowledge of HTML CSS, Google suite (Gmail Google Drive Google Slide, Google Docs Google Sheets Google Forms Google), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial intelligence Applications, Elementor, Social Media Management (Social Ads), Suite Adobe creative cloud (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign), other (continuous development).

Hobbies: Sport (yoga, fitness, climbing, sport shooting, basketball, martial arts, running, dancing).

Driving license: AM (2 or 3 wheeled motors), A1 (motorcycles max. 11KW), A2 (motorcycles and cars max. 35KW), A (motorcycles with sidecar, 3 or 4 wheeled motors max 15KW), B (motor vehicles max. 3 500KG, max. 8 seats).

Gun license: A (collecting), B (sport), C (hunting), D (employment), E (self-defence).

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