‘They’ told me that “having a website is a sign of independence, and you should not show it publicly if you want to be employed.” Almost one year after creating this website, the pseudonym Marie Olivie became the name of the enterprise in February 2022.


With 3+ years of consultancy experience in digital transformation for private companies, I am ready to support your company in upgrading your digital tools, help your employees with their management of work-life balance, and manage the virtual employment of your company.

Even though telework and home office were just occasional before Covid-19, it is reality and daily employment approach for many of us. There are still many factors that must be considered when it comes to the daily management of employees: what tools should I implement? How can I manage my employees? How to keep going with technological developments?

Let me help you identify the right tools to be used by your management and employees.


Are you looking for refreshment of your design? You are in the right place! Adaptability in already established team is my strength, and I am happy to give feedback and comments to your current website design, brochure or any other form of digital design.

Are you super satisfied with your current team of designers because you know their standard and that they deliver all designs on time; however, you feel that they need a bit of novel perspective and refreshment of ideas?

I am here to put the wind in their sails again and offer a “young, gender-balanced, and sustainable” approach to your valuable work.


Communication is more crucial than ever during current information overload and Covid-19 that brought majority of communication strategies to the cybersphere. I believe that communication strategy has to be built on measures – ANALYTICS.

You can have the most eye-catching design on your platforms, but nobody will know about your excellence without correct navigation towards your audience’s needs.

Based on data and analysis, I will create or enhance your communication strategy of all channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, website) supported by proven tools and techniques.


Diving deeper into issues that are crucial for your company to address the necessity of your product or how will forthcoming EU regulation impact your industry?

Conducting field research does not mean undertaking time-consuming travels to different destinations as many interactions are currently happening online, and companies need to map their cyber potentials and threats.

I am offering in-depth research on topics related to digitalisation, cybersecurity and Big Data with particular interest (but not a limitation to) climate, gender, diversity and new technologies from different perspectives (EU, transatlantic, Afghanistan).


Growth. Development. Success. Motivation.

Do you have a feeling that your team need a break from a daily stressful fast-paced environment and need positive motivation, including up-skilling in public speaking, coaching in personal branding, self-development or mental health “steam out“? 

I will bring new enthusiastic energy into your workload. Your team will feel again powerful and united as well as we will identify together potential advantages and weaknesses that will guide your annual strategies.

When employees grow, you grow.

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