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Earlier this year, I participated as a Leader of Delegation at the NATO Youth Summit 2022 that was an immense experience for me to visit NATO Headquarters and finally see many face-to-face people that I was only hearing and speaking about or was able to virtually meet during conferences, training and workshops while managing a community of young professionals from both sides of Atlantic for almost two years!

To be honest, I have to give it really a heads up, especially for going out of the comfort zone in terms of design (pink! which was just a pleasure to watch) as well as the technical advancement and preparation. Thank you!

Hi, My name is Marie

Collecting experience. Analysing stories. Making the best of life. Sharing knowledge and being inspired by others who come from different fields and backgrounds is an art.
Among others, Marie's strengths are her uncompromising responsibility and her very sensitive approach to all her tasks. She convincingly showed the effort not only to manage her tasks but also to understand their wider context and thus to work more efficiently.
H.E. Libor Sečka
Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the United Kingdom



Beyond the weather

What a brainstorming afternoon on 7 November 2021 with a panel Beyond the Weather during the Atlantic Forum Autumn Conference, which I had a chance to co-organise and moderate thanks to the Atlantic Forum! With

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Circle of Life Balance

‘Circle of Life Balance’ is a depiction of your life. It is only up to you what dimensions you choose inside your circle that are important to achieve balance in your everyday activities, goals, living,

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A new normal Welcome to the new normal, defined by digital technologies. As you came across this video, you can already be considered a digital native because only a digital “nerd” can understand some of its bits.

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StratCom: Beyond Information Influence

This piece of paper was submitted to and earned appreciation by The NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence (StratCom COE) in Riga that is a multinational organization, which researches, educates and operates in the field of

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Afghan Chess

The chessboard dynamic in Afghanistan is changing every day, and the future movements of chess pieces can only be predicted to a limited extent as the situation is rapidly evolving. This article is not titled

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